3 Mindset Shifts to Make Before You Reverse Your Prediabetes


Mindset, eh April? Gettin’ a little “woo-woo” are you? 

Is this what you thought when you read the title? Because even I was thinking this as I was researching for this post. But I’ve truly come to believe this mindset stuff works. It just does.


(That’s what I thought about changing my thinking before I really knew about it anyways.)

It’s more, let’s align our thoughts with the outcome we want to create.

And when it comes to reversing prediabetes, this is some serious stuff and some super shifts to make.

Without these strategies in place, in my opinion, your chances of success really take a turn down the tubes.

We do know that prediabetes can be reversed – and you don’t have to do strange things like put butter in your coffee or glug down jars of MCT oil (ew.)

3 mindset shifts to make before you reverse your prediabetes

In fact, in the largest diabetes prevention research study done to date, people that lost 7% of their body weight reduced their risk of developing type 2 diabetes by almost 60%! 

In the Diabetes Prevention Program (which is still continuing on), researchers looked at what is better at type 2 diabetes prevention:

  • Weight loss with diet and lifestyle changes
  • Or diet and lifestyle changes with a drug (called metformin.)

The great news?

Researchers found the prevention effect of weight loss and lifestyle was better than what was achieved with metformin!

What’s really cool is that a large proportion of people who implemented lifestyle changes have been able to keep the weight off.

Which is, of course, has been proven to be the hardest thing about weight loss.

But what we don’t see in the research is what goes on behind the scenes, in prediabetes reversal.

Besides what you do, is there any value in looking at how you think?

From what I’ve seen over the years and experienced myself, I sure think so.

The easy-hard part of losing weight is losing it; the hard-hard part is keeping it off

3 Mindset Shifts to Make Before You Reverse Your Prediabetes

To increase your chances of success, be super honest with yourself and get these 3 areas under control first.

Once you do that my friend, you’ll be off to a roaring start.

So let’s dive in to the 3 Mindset Shifts to Make Before You Reverse Your Prediabetes.

Number 01: How You Think About Your Success

First let’s start with your mind. Or rather, your mindset. 

Yep, your mindset matters. It’s a whole heck of a lot easier to make the change you want to happen if you think you can.

If you think you can’t, then you won’t. For real.

I know, it sounds cheesy or glib or downright silly. Trust me, I didn’t used to think there was any reason to even pay attention to the automatic thoughts in my head.

But it’s interesting that once you start to pay attention, some interesting things can happen. You can align your thoughts with the outcome you want to create.

Olympic athletes do it. Actors do it. So why not you too?

Plus, what do you have to lose by thinking you can freakin’ do this!? Like why the heck would you not get your head straight about all this?

I’ll tell you one thing, after over 11 years of working with people to improve their health, I’ve found that most of them have one thing in common: they think they can. Or at least they don’t actively think they can’t do it.

This was me arguing for a mindset shift because it’s helped me and I’ve seen it be immensely helpful to clients over the years.

If you want to dive into this whole mindset world, like I did, I recommend checking out You’re a Badass by Jenn Scinero.

Number 02: How You Think About Food

3 Mindset Shifts to Make Before You Reverse Your Prediabetes

If you have any hangups or hesitations towards carbohydrates, ditch ’em.

I am here to tell you that this can really get in your way of type 2 diabetes prevention.

Do not deprive your body of sufficient carbs. Your brain and spinal cord prefer carbohydrates for energy.

You need enough healthy, whole food carbohydrates at each meal to ensure you don’t have cravings that make you wanna eat the whole container of ice cream after being “good” for a few days.

Forget about “dieting” and fuel your body with the best nutrition you can.

Your brain and spinal cord prefer carbohydrates for energy. Don't deny them, k?

3 Mindset Shifts to Make Before You Reverse Your Prediabetes

Once you say sayonara to any carb phobia, like I did a few years ago, you can more easily get the fuel you need.

Your body needs antioxidants which are often paired with carbohydrates in food (think fruit and vegetables) and you need your gut working away (think fibre.)

And to maintain your lean body mass (muscle), you have to eats carbs each meal. This way, your body will use the protein you eat to stimulate muscle synthesis and the carbohydrate for energy.

This saves the protein from being used for energy when your body needs it for building and maintaining lean body mass.

You can reverse prediabetes by eating carbs.

And the sooner you get your head around that fact, the better.

Number 03: How You Think About Exercise

You don’t have to go to be a gym rat to reverse prediabetes. You don’t have to cycle and sweat till you think you’re gonna puke (unless of course that’s your jam, then rock on.)

But for the rest of us, all you need to do is move.

Ditch any assumptions you have about exercise and what it’s gonna take to get you fit.

Just get out there and walk. Get you 30 minutes of walking in each day. Then move up to 1 hour or 2 x 30 minute walks.

And please make sure they’re brisk walks. You want to walk like you’re late for that meeting or for a bus.

Get your neighbor out there and move it. She probably would welcome a daily walk. May as well bring the dog too. Corral your co-workers at lunch and get out there. Tell your hubby you’re implementing “date walk” each evening – whatever it takes, just do it!

Be sure to check with a trusted healthcare provider who knows you before you start an exercise program.

3 mindset shifts to make before you reverse your prediabetes

I hope you found these 3 shifts to make before you reverse your prediabetes useful.

Just remember that reversing your prediabetes is possible.

And even not progressing to type 2 diabetes is a success.

If you keep your blood sugars the same level they’re at now for the rest of your life, you did it!

And if along the way, you lose a little weight (and keep it off), get more fit and start to feel better about yourself, you my friend, have won 🙂


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