Avocado Salad with BBQ Steak and Garlic Pita Toasts

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Here it is! The recipe that I didn’t quite get to from last week’s 5 Healthy and Simple Meals webinar.

It’s worth the wait – trust me! It’s a quick weekday meal you can put together in no time, especially if you use the thin steaks or “fast fry” versions.

This Avocado Salad was discovered by a combination of accidental wonderfulness.

This means, I just took all the summer-y ingredients I love and combined them 🙂

How could anything but good come of that?

Here’s the salad makings in all their glory!

avocado salad

The beef seems to go really well with the non-lettuce salad and of course, for a well-rounded meal, you gotta have a healthy carb in there – hence the garlic pita toasts.

The garlic pitas are simply brushed with olive oil and crushed garlic.

Top them with some fresh pepper and salt. If you’re going for “fancy”, add smoked paprika for extra color 😉

I broil them because it’s quick – you just have to watch you don’t end up with black garlic pita toasts in the process.

If you’re hesitant to use the broiler, 10 minutes in the oven at 350 degrees F will work too.



avocado salad with bbq steak and garlic pita toasts



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