Carbs Proven to Help Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

Think cutting carbs is going to help you lose weight and reverse your prediabetes?

Not so, says recent research (and me – I’ve been singing the praises of carbs for a while now.)

What’s exciting about this research is that it’s some of the first to show that a diet with carbohydrates, particularly high in fibre combined with low-fat intake gives the best results for adults at risk for type 2 diabetes.

how many carbs should I eat

The link to the study is below if you want to get into all the details but here’s some tidbits:

The group of people that lost more weight had higher intakes of fibre, fruit, vegetables and lower intake of fat, including saturated fat.

The researchers also make note that other studies looking at “the best diet” have shown inconsistent results.

So they note that there may be more than just calories at work here.

Meaning, there may be something about the certain macronutrients at work.

And this “something” are properties we don’t yet fully understand.

The researchers guess the results of better weight loss with more carbs could be related to different factors, such as:

  • Fibre has effects on feeling fuller longer and delaying food in the stomach
  • Post-prandial insulin secretion
  • The production of short chain fatty acid production in the intestine, this has very interesting effects on energy metabolism and are thought to improve metabolic function of muscle and fat tissue
  • The effects of prebiotic fibre and how this affects helpful gut bacteria, another exciting research topic in weight loss

This is all to say:

It’s not just about the calories.

It matters where the calories are coming from and in this study, the carbohydrates and type of carbohydrates – low glycemic index and high fibre – was thought to be particularly helpful.

This is great news for anyone struggling to lose weight and reverse their prediabetes on a very restricted, low carbohydrate diet.

Now we have even more evidence to support people in choosing an intentional eating plan that allows them to lose weight, reverse prediabetes and still eat the foods they love.


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how many carbs should I eat
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  • Dallas

    Hey April! Just curious on your thoughts about the book The Obesity Code that touches on diabetes, insulin resistance and the role our diets play. I want to believe it’s okay to have my clients continue to enjoy certain foods containing carbohydrates (mainly high fibre foods) by then I read this book so I am a bit confused.

    • April Saunders

      Hi Dallas! Thanks for your question. I haven’t read the book so I can’t comment on it specifically but from the research that is ongoing and from what I see with my clients normalizing their blood sugars WITH carbs, I’ve got the evidence I need. Without those high fibre foods, the gut won’t be able to function properly and a healthy microbiome in the gut is critical for normalizing blood sugars.

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