Classic Margarita Pizza

Here’s a “go-to” meal on Friday if there ever was one: PIZZA!

(Does everyone have pizza on Friday, night?) 🙂

This was one of the recipes I featured in my latest webinar: 5 Healthy and Simple Meals. (Check it out on my YouTube Channel here.)

I absolutely love love margarita pizza and always try and get a good one when out.

Although, it’s super disappointing when the menu says it has “fresh” basil on it and it comes out and it’s like dried or tiny, tiny little flakes.

Such a letdown, right?

This is one of the reasons I’m so glad to have our own fresh basil supply – right on the deck 🙂

Check it out – it looks amazing! I’m drooling just looking at this picture:

The most important tip with this recipe is that the cheese spreads!

By the way, pick up the mozza “ball” if possible. Better than block mozza cheese to be as close as possible to the “classic” feel for this pizza pie.

But back to the tip – the cheese can overwhelm it so add sparingly.

Trust me: with the garlic crust and the tomatoes in there, you will be glad it’s not swimming in cheese (so will your oven after it rains cheese in it like mine did the first time I made this!)


One more thing, you put the basil on after the pizza comes out of the oven.

It actually “cooks” on the hot top of the pizza, wilts ever so slightly and still has a whack of delicious basil flavor.

This will be a go-to pizza for us this summer.

Maybe I’ll try making it on the BBQ one night… 🙂





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