Freezer-Ready Oat Energy Bites

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I was so hungry I could eat a horse.


Slight exaggeration.

But still.

You know what I mean.

Freezer Ready Oat Energy Bites

When you’re soooo hungry and you need to eat something NOW before you eat your arm off.

And what happens?

This is usually the time when we go for the Doritos or Dunkaroos or whatever we can get our hungry hands on.

freezer ready oat energy bites

Enter my Freezer-Ready Oat Energy Bites.

This is my latest solution to pre-supper hunger.

And even an after dinner snack.

When you don’t wantย to have a sugar-covered granola bar but need something quick so you can get supper on the table as fast as humanly possible.

Here’s a video of me making these Freezer-Ready Oat Energy Bites!

Granola bars are not necessarily an awful choice BUT they can get pretty high in sugar pretty quickly.

And here’s my rule for choosing the best granola bar on the grocery store aisle:

Protein + Fibre > Sugars

Freezer Ready Oat Energy Bites

So when you pick up a granola bar and you want to know if it’s a good choice, check out the label.

Add the grams of fibre and the grams of protein together.

If that number isn’t greater than the grams of sugar, put ‘er back and try again.

This is a totally arbitrary rule that I made up.


But it seems to do a job, which is:

Steer you clear of any granola bars that will spike your blood sugar and insulin levels, not give you any satisfaction and cause you to feel hungry sooner.

I hope you love these Freezer-Ready Oat Energy Bites!




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  • WholeYum

    This is a great recipes for those days we get home from work and hanger kicks in! We would love to see the recipe on WholeYum!

    • April Saunders

      Yesssss!! So true. I have them on hand to stop my hanger from getting out of control ๐Ÿ˜‰ Sounds good! I will check out your site now! ๐Ÿ™‚

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