Festive Fruit Kabobs with Chocolate


Festive Fruit Kabobs with Chocolate are a sure sign of the holidays in our house!

Well, that and my mom coming to do gingerbread houses with the kids.

Interesting side-bar: Christmas comes ever year, at the same time, and every year, my husband is still getting gifts the day before the big day?

I’ve talked to many girlfriends who swear their hubby is exactly the same so maybe it’s a genetic thing…

Either way, I can’t tease him too much. I find I can be pressed for time this time of year too so anywhere I can save a minute or two, I’m alllll over it. Case in point: these Festive Fruit Kabobs with Chocolate.

fruit kabobs

This year I found a way to save some time by always putting my hand up to make dessert for the holiday shindig and I made the same thing, time and time again – these fruit kabobs with chocolate.

I’m sure, like anything, I’d get sick of them over time but seriously, it’s hard to tire of these bad boys. I mean just look at them! They don’t take a bad picture either 🙂

Here’s some details on the ingredients:

  • The fruit itself: in addition to time saving opportunities, I’m always happen to save a few bucks so I would look to see which store had some good fruit on sale. In winter (where I live), you’re not gonna get the same variety and price for fruit as we do in the summer so shop around as best you can (or maybe you’re blessed by living in an area with year-round local fabulous fruit – lucky you. Can I come by?)
  • For winter in Ontario, I could get strawberries; pineapple (already cored, hallelujah); green grapes; blackberries; cherries
  • I considered the cherries an Oh You Fancy upgrade and they really elevated the dessert
  • I think you could try bananas but you’d have to experiment with the size of the chunk and they’d probably go a little brown (nothing a little chocolate coating won’t fix though…)
fruit kabobs
  • The chocolate: I went with milk chocolate or dark chocolate. I picked up the baking chocolate “discs” at Bulk Barn or I’d just use chips. Either was fine
  • One “fancy” addition is drizzling on a little bit of a different chocolate after the initial chocolate coating is set (see detailed instructions in the recipe.)
  • For example, one time I drizzled the completed kabobs with some melted chocolate chips that were Sweet and Salty Caramel flavour. They. Were. Amazing. But totally optional
  • The sprinkles: just hit the Bulk Barn and get the cutest ones you can find. At least that’s what I did. Holly and Ivy; Snowflakes; red, green and white candy canes; crushed candy canes.
  • The skewers themselves: back in the summer, I made some delicious but potentially painful Fruit Kabobs, pictured below:
fruit kabobs
  • Although delicious, they were a little hard to handle, as the skewer itself was so long. Enter the Dollar Store. I found these bamboo skewers that are about 4 inches (10 cm) long and they’re not a piercing sharp as the other skewers I had. Perfect for little hands too 🙂
  • Technique: Even though a tad more work, I definitely prefer melting the chocolate in a bowl on top of a pot with gently boiling water over the microwave. Doing it this way results in a very even melt. And you can easily add more chocolate as you go.
fruit kabobs

And there you have it!

My go-to dessert for this holiday season. A little nice and a lot naughty. The perfect mix, don’t you think? 🙂


Festive Fruit Kabobs with Chocolate
Serves 10
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Prep Time
5 min
Cook Time
10 min
Total Time
20 min
Prep Time
5 min
Cook Time
10 min
Total Time
20 min
69 calories
14 g
0 g
2 g
1 g
0 g
96 g
18 g
10 g
0 g
1 g
Nutrition Facts
Serving Size
Amount Per Serving
Calories 69
Calories from Fat 16
% Daily Value *
Total Fat 2g
Saturated Fat 0g
Trans Fat 0g
Polyunsaturated Fat 0g
Monounsaturated Fat 1g
Cholesterol 0mg
Sodium 18mg
Total Carbohydrates 14g
Dietary Fiber 2g
Sugars 10g
Protein 1g
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your Daily Values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
Fruit - a variety of what you can get your hands on. I like these
  1. Pineapple, cut in chunks
  2. Grapes, halved
  3. Cherries (pitted)
  4. Blackberries
  5. Chocolate - milk or dark
  6. Sprinkles - depending on the season/optional
  7. Other toppings: crushed nuts, a few pieces of rock salt, other chocolate drizzled on top
  8. Parchment paper
  1. 1. Prepare a double-boiler by boiling a few inches of water in a large pot.
  2. 2. Line a baking tray or Tupperware container (wherever you want the skewers to end up) with parchment paper
  3. 3. Make the skewers by putting the fruit onto the skewers, alternating kinds. Aim for slightly larger than bite-sized pieces so they hold up to the chocolate coating process.
  4. 4. Place a stainless steel bowl on top of the pot, ensuring that the bottom of the bowl is not sitting in the water.
  5. 5. Add chocolate (wafer or chips) to the bowl and allow to melt, stirring occasionally.
  6. 6. Once the chocolate is melted, spoon over the skewers of fruit to coat to desired level
  7. 7. Place on parchment paper and repeat with other skewers.
  8. 8. Before chocolate sets completely, add sprinkles if using
  9. 9. Keep in the fridge to allow the chocolate to set for easier transportation if taking them out. Or can keep at room temperature and serve within a couple hours.
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