Moroccan-Spiced Black Bean Salad

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Who doesn’t love a good “meal salad”?

This Moroccan-Spiced Black Bean Salad is super filling and delish.

And there’s something about the convenience of it all – I love having everything I need in one dish.

Easy. Peasy.

And although Preschooler and Toddler may not be super fond of it all tossed up together, a deconstructed meal salad works wonders some nights. (Helloooo tacos!)


I had a package of this 5-Grain Blend from President’s Choice and decided to use it as a base for this Moroccan-Spiced Black Bean and 5 Grain Salad.

A good base for any meal salad is:

Grain (rice, 5 grain blend, couscous)

+ Protein (beans, chickpeas, legumes)

+ Veggies (go crazy)

+ nut or cheese or avocado.

This base can literally give you a bazillion options!

For dressing, I always, always keep it simple. No time for fussy stuff here.

This one is simply extra virgin olive oil + fresh lime juice + cumin + coriander + salt and pepper.

That’s it!

Really lovin’ the lime + cumin + coriander combo lately…


This salad is great because you can use it either as a side dish or as a meal salad.


And this new food prop platter from Value Village doesn’t take a bad picture. I love it!

Too bad I can’t put all my recipes on it…that would get kinda boring after a while. I will strive not to be a “once trick pony”

Well, enjoy the salad 🙂

Let me know if you make it and how you have it ie as “the meal” or maybe as a side.

I think it’ll be a perfect go-to picnic friendly dish this summer – summer is coming…right? 😉





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