Simple Kale, White Bean and Quinoa Soup

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“Getting Rid of Toxins”…

These words rank pretty high in Google lately – party because of the time of year and also because there’s a lot of misinformation out there about the topic.

All the mumbo-jumbo aside, I do love a good soup chalk-full of nutrition after a time of let’s say, “over indulgence”.

This soup has all the makings of something wonderful: high calcium kale, fibre and protein-packed white beans and healthy carb quinoa.


Like my Mediterranean Spinach, Tomato and Quinoa Soup, this Simple Kale and White Bean Soup offers major nutrition, protein and a hit of calcium from the kale.

The vegetarian source of protein and calcium are great choices for vegetarians.

Plus, I’m always surprised to find so many people I talk to don’t get enough calcium from foods.

But you can get calcium from algae.

Say what?

For real.

Most calcium supplements come from rock essentially: mined limestone and marble.

Algas calcareas is a South American ocean marine algae which grows abundantly in the intertidal zone.

These kiwi-fruit sized balls are a rich source of calcium, magnesium, and over 70 other trace minerals.

After hand-harvesting, the algae balls are rinsed, dried in the sun, then milled into a powder, sold as AlgaeCal.

Bonus for fellow Canucks: they’re a Canadian company 🙂

Always go for food-based nutrition first, getting all the calcium, vitamin D and magnesium from foods.

Want to try more “marine vegetables” in your diet?

Grab a miso soup or some nori flakes for something different.

If the thought of eating seaweed sounds as inciting as cottage cheese covered with cilantro, I get it 😉

Here’s a great list of the different types of marine vegetables and how to include them in your diet.

You could even put some chopped nori sheets in this soup!

Enjoy 🙂




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