My Substitute for Bear Paws: Snack “Brownies”

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Man. I cannot stand Bear Paws.

And I really need to find a substitute for Bear Paws.

I mean, what is it about those things that make them so groooooss?

They don’t even taste “bad-good” (you know, like unhealthy obviously but taste super amazing. Like good chocolate.)

They just taste like…fake and icky.

If you’ve never tried one, lucky you! And now you’ll never wonder what they taste like. You’re welcome 🙂

Plus, they’re marketed to kids heavy style (shame on you large, faceless food company!)

Anywho, what to do?

Well, I went on a quest to find something not gross.

But healthy(ish).

And something the kids would actually eat.

Way, WAY easier said than done!


I needed something to meet some pretty high standards:

  1. Not too sugary (it’s supposed to be a snack)
  2. Portable (need to be able to grab it and go)
  3. Non-crumbly (I’m talkin’ bout you crunchy granola bars)
  4. And, most importantly: the pre-schooler should actually EAT it (next to impossible but you never know.)

So when I saw this recipe on @emilieeats Instagram’s feed, I thought it was worth a try (with a few tweaks).

(If by the way, you’re interested in vegan recipes, this gal has a great IG feed: @emilieeats.)

So did I figure out a recipe for success?

I think so!

Here’s all the proof I need that they’re a hit: my preschooler eats them!

Now, it helps that I serve them for dessert and call them brownies.

But hey, whatever works.

Plus, they’re portable and what kid wouldn’t want to eat “brownies” on the way home from school or at any time of the day?

These brownies do have chocolate chips in them yes BUT with the no-added sugars and a healthy dose of fibre (dates) and healthy fats (peanut butter), I’m fine with a little chocolate.

And really, my mission was to find something healthier than Bear Paws.


Let me know what you think of these “snack brownies” – and if you’re kids eat them 🙂




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