If you want to lose weight, do THIS every darn day.

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It’s a bold subject title, I know.


That comes on pretty strong – but for good reason….

To lose weight in a sustainable way, you need to eat within 1 hour of waking.


freezer ready oat energy bites

Also know as “breakfast!”

(So ya, it’s the breakfast thing.)

And you’ve heard it before, I know.

I totally get it.

But it bears repeating because soooo many people are doing it all wrong.

They either think the only thing that qualifies as “breakfast” is a 3 course meal, complete with quiche and cappuccino 


They go for highly refined cereal and juice and then wonder why they’re SUPER hungry 1 hour later.

(HINT: blood sugars spike, low protein, low fibre or a combo of all 3.)

Simple Sweet Potato Egg Stacks

And here’s some other fast facts about the all important first meal of the day:

  1. Eating breakfast within 1 hour of waking will give you an energetic and metabolic boost. Who couldn’t use that when you’re trying to tame your muffin top?
  1. People who skip breakfast regularly gain about 4.5 extra kilos (or 10 lbs) per year. Ick.
  1. Dieting doesn’t start at breakfast. Eat breakfast and you’ll squash later-in-the-day cravings, keeping energy level high for dealing with a packed schedule of work meetings that go late and baseball practice with the kids.
simple chocolate peanut butter smoothie

So if you’re already a breakfast eater and could use some more ideas to change things up or you don’t eat breakfast but are willing to start, I think you’ll find my new freebie super useful.

I put together a cheat sheet of 13 Slimming Breakfast Combos (To Get You in The Car Quick!) 

This list has simple foods combinations that you likely have around the house (no smoked salmon on kale chips with hemp heart smoothies here.)

want to lose weight? do this every darn day

And it’s for those mornings when keys cannot be found, the coffee is cold and you’ve already stained your white pants (been there, still do that.)

Think simple.

Think healthy.

Think get-me-outta-the-house-5-minutes ago.

There’s PIZZA on the list.

There’s Teddy Grahams on it!


Grab your copy of my NEW freebie, 13 Slimming Breakfast Combos to Get You in The Car Quick here!

~April ox

want to lose weight? do this every darn day
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